We are not just a communication agency.



Communication & Marketing Consulting

So that you only worry about your company's core business, we provide communication and marketing consultancy services dedicated to the constant monitoring of our clients. The tailor-made solutions for the different needs allow the consultant to deal closely with the companies, following the processes from ideas to execution.

Branding & Advertising

This is our "fun area". Here ideas come to life, sketches become art and brands come to life. Here we plan the media where we will communicate and manage your investment in communication, centralising the purchase of space, material and everything necessary for the production of campaigns.

Digital Marketing

Online presence should no longer be an option, but a rule. Because brands follow trends and we follow brands, we develop all kinds of platforms and digital optimisation tools. From mobile applications to social media management, we boost the presence of brands in the digital environment.

Strategic Communication & Monitoring

Because the relationship with the media should be privileged, we develop communication strategies specifically directed to the media. We draft, send and ensure that press releases reach the right destination; in the end, our clipping service will tell you the reach of each release.

Books & Custom Publishing

We produce publications tailored to the needs of your company - institutional magazines, promotional magazines and even books. We do the research, write all the contents, ensure the editorial design, do the pagination and, if you wish, we also produce and distribute it.

Public Relations & Events

We start by creating the concept, manage all the logistics of the event, provide the PR function, make sure the media is present and provide audiovisual coverage of the whole event. Just tell us what you want and we'll take care of everything!

Video Solutions

The video area is quite vast. From institutional videos, television, documentaries and feature films, through event coverage and internal television circuits to 3D projection, we guarantee the best dynamics and professionalism, starting with storyboard design and ending with the final editing of your video.

Health Communication Division

We have a team focused daily on the specificities, needs and evolution of this sector. We are in direct contact with health professionals from all clinical and pharmaceutical specialties, medical societies, patient associations, hospitals and clinics, implementing and closely monitoring each specific project.



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Contemporary furniture in expanded cork agglomerate
For a contemporary brand, a modernized website. It was based on this premise that we developed the entire online platform of Blackcork, a Portuguese brand focused on the international market. The unique pieces of contemporary furniture, made from expanded cork agglomerate and idealized by a group of Portuguese designers, now feature in a site with a modern layout, intuitive operation and responsive web development, in order to provide access on different devices.

Future HealthBiobank

Partnerships that increase brand awareness
Future HealthBiobank has stored stem cell samples from 64 countries on five continents. It is the largest stem cell laboratory in the UK and since 2012 has had its own second laboratory in Switzerland. The services are divided between the storage of stem cells: umbilical cord, cord blood, performing diagnostic tests and the cryopreservation of dental pulp, an exclusive service in Portugal. Creative Minds ensured the press relations and partnership management in Portugal, thus contributing to increase brand awareness and add value to the brand.


An event to remember
A AGQ Labs is one of the world's leading analytical laboratories and technology centre with over 20 years' experience in developing valuable solutions and services targeted at the Agriculture, Food, Environment, Mining and Health & Safety sectors. The new infrastructure, which is located in Alcochete, and involved an investment of one million euros, is the result of the company's consolidation in Portugal. Creative Minds organized the inauguration event and provided the respective press assistance.


High performance, always
It's often said that "Outsiders have a better perception". Well, maybe that was the premise of the large global management consulting firm Accenture, when it turned to Creative Minds to create a newsletter for former employees. An attractive project that allowed Accenture's Alumni to stay up to date with all the company's news.

Schneider Electric

The world expert in energy management
More efficient communication pieces were developed for Schneider Electric. The regular monitoring and creation of graphic pieces resulted in the development of institutional and promotional content to boost the brand. From leaflets to communicate at points of sale to the design of all the necessary pieces for the decoration of Schneider stands in specialized events, several were the approaches used to convey the brand's mission to the specialized public.


Communication for the whole world
The multinational Natus Medical Incorporated - which operates in the medical field - has operations all over the world. Creative Minds works with the company's global marketing, creating communication supports for the four corners of the planet. An enticing job, which fills us with satisfaction whenever we see our work at an event in Macau, France or the United States.

Living and feeling Portugal

Discover the best of Portugal
The Living and Feeling Portugal Project arose from a dream, mirrored between Portugal and Brazil. It quickly became the dream of the entire team and, therefore, we made this project a reality. We went through various places, various stories and, in the end, what seemed to be just a project became a documentary and a book, sold in Portugal and Brazil, which show the best that Portugal has to offer.

B. Braun

German giant in healthcare
B. Braun Medical is one of the world leaders in healthcare. Creative Minds carries out graphic design work for the German company, developing work for several business areas of the company.


Moving the heart and touching the soul
Move the heart and touch the soul! This is the mission of Pioneer - an electronic products company. Its goal is not only to develop technologically advanced products, but also to enable them to provide excitement and fun at any time of the day. Creative Minds has developed numerous graphic pieces, from the simple creation of a business card to the layout of a product catalogue. We also develop webdesign, press advisory, conception and sending of e-newsletters, support in the creation and organization of events and management of social networks.


More than a brand of organic juice
With the birth of an idea came a ladybird, which quickly became the "face" of a concept. We gave birth to this brand, building all its communication, from the first shop to the customization of the packaging of its products or even some supports for distribution. The LadyBug space has become a welcoming place, where details become essential. We like to turn small ideas into successful brands!

Portuguese Fertility Association

Supporting the 300,000 infertile couples in Portugal
The Portuguese Fertility Association is an IPSS that arose from a civic movement led by people with fertility problems. Since then, Creative Minds manages all its communication. From advertising campaigns, through the organization of events, to the management of digital platforms. The Association lives from and for people who, in some way, identify with the infertility cause. The APFertilidade Facebook page is managed by us and it is there that we communicate for couples who, on a daily basis, deal with a common disease: infertility. It is for them that, every day, we post messages of strength and encouragement, that we give ideas of pleasant plans so that their lives gain another colour and that we share news about the common theme for all of them!

Gesto Energy Consulting

For the right investment in Renewable Energies
For Gesto Energy Consulting was detected the need to create a large publication, with features that allow a practical and functional use. With the objective of presenting this great publication to the Mozambican governmental bodies, the Atlas of Renewable Energies of Mozambique was created. In this sense, we provided an adjusted service, with constant consultancy accompaniment and complemented with all the pagination and graphic design work. This was a project developed from scratch by Creative Minds, with constant and direct contact with the client. It was an exciting challenge, which culminated in a publication with reliable technical content and visually appealing.

ANA | Portugal Airports

Design for the four corners of the world
ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal's mission is to efficiently manage the airport infrastructures in its charge, connecting Portugal to the world. Our mission is to support ANA in its mission, creating creative and effective communication pieces that impress all over the planet.

Stories in the House of Food

A special place, worth sharing
In an emblematic place in the centre of Lisbon a distinctive, sophisticated and personalised concept was (re)born: the Estórias na Casa da Comida restaurant. More than thirty years later it reopened its doors with a new decoration, in order to tell a different "story", where the flavours are a discovery, just like our discovery through all the nooks and crannies of this place. And it was through the construction of a video that the whole journey began.


Design and press office on the road to success
Founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Meliá Hotels International is one of the largest hotel companies in the world, operating in 39 countries across four continents. Creative Minds provided press relations, event management and graphic design services for all the Group's hotels in Portugal.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica

The Black Panther ball
The need arose and Creative Minds provided the answer. When the Eusébio Ball was created for Sport Lisboa e Benfica, the need arose to create a package "to match". This packaging was thought, idealized and created by us.

Smiling World

Spreading smiles all over the world
Mundo A Sorrir is a Portuguese NGO founded by Miguel Pavão in 2005, after a volunteering experience in Cape Verde, and which already has over 80 partners around the world. The organisation has helped to build more than half a million smiles and is present throughout Portugal, as well as in Portuguese-speaking countries with healthcare needs, acting in areas such as Medical Care, Social and Labour Reintegration and Development Cooperation and Aid. One of the works we carried out for Mundo A Sorrir was the supplement for Visão magazine, where we presented the organisation and the theme of the decisive role of NGOs in the fight against inequalities, through an interview with António Guterres. Read the full interview here.


Europe's largest medical diagnostics company
Synlab is a European leader in the field of medical diagnostics. It is present in seven European countries through approximately 5,000 employees and specialists who perform more than 650,000 analyses daily, offering a safe and reliable service to about 20 million users per year. Creative Minds is responsible for the development of the brand's graphic pieces in Portugal, creating creative and effective communication pieces; we also ensure the press office and the management of social networks.


Supplementation brand with decades of experience
With over 35 years of activity in the market, Nutriflor is a consolidated brand in the health sector, specializing in the marketing of Food Supplements and Natural Cosmetics. Nutriflor also has a supplementation brand linked to weight loss - Dieta Emagril. Creative Minds is responsible for the communication strategy in the social networks of both brands, as well as for press relations, partnerships and the creation and development of the institutional website and online shop.

I Am Fit

New image for one of Lisbon's largest gyms
The rebranding of the well-known Lisbon gym Club House had the signature of Creative Minds. This was a project that Creative Minds developed from the beginning. Our team was responsible for the logo development and all the decoration of the health club and the launch of the new website. With a team composed by professionals with different specializations and located in one of the biggest green arteries of the city, I AmFit has an integrated offer of services and an area of 10.000 m2.


Grills for every occasion
Located near Chicago, the Weber-Stephen company now has subsidiaries in the main European countries. The Iberian subsidiary was created in 2005 and is managed from Barcelona. Over the years, Weber has created a concept that goes beyond the simple grill, developed its own accessories, with a unique and cosmopolitan design, and fuels to make the grilling experience increasingly simple, safe and tasty. Creative Minds ensures the brand's communication on social networks and press advisory services.

Ana Roque Interiors

Design from Portugal to the world
Ana Roque Interiors is a Portuguese brand created by Ana Roque, a recognized Interior Designer who has won several awards for her fantastic career in the realization of architecture and interior design projects and, above all, for the development of furniture and lighting pieces commercialized in her shops and in international partners in several countries (such as Angola, Spain, France, England, Nigeria, Morocco, Qatar, Russia, Sri Lanka and Turkey). Creative Minds was responsible for the brand rebranding, website development and strategic communication planning.


Wood solutions
Carmo operates mainly in the forestry sector, complemented by the production of steel equipment. In particular, it develops solutions based on wood industrially treated by vacuum and pressure, being already the largest European company in outdoor and indoor solutions in treated wood products, in number and volume. Creative Minds produces design pieces, namely roll-ups, catalogues, flyers and advertising. Among these, we highlight the Carmo Wood catalogue, a challenging project in three languages, where Carmo presents its entire line of street and garden furniture.

3rd Conference of the Permanent Forum for Digital Skills (INCoDe.2030)

We outlined the entire communication strategy and consultancy for this event with the client. Besides the negotiation and definition of the media partner, we achieved a very qualitative and transversal projection in the media. We also managed all the social networks that preceded the conference and defined the graphic materials with the design department. From the stand layout to other allusive materials such as a digital game and the robot.

We are all digital (INCoDe.2030)

Through the creation of a website by Creative Minds for this project, the entire layout and graphics were defined, as well as video tutorials for the different applications. Also, a script for an advertising and awareness campaign involving two influencers and all the media management and advisory services for the project.

Round Table at FDUL focusing on the effect of the implementation of the European Union POSEUR programme on the faculty

We set and followed a round table discussion moderated by a Sic Notícias anchor, a representative of POSEUR in Portugal, Galp, EDP, and the Secretary of State for the Environment, João Galamba. In addition to focusing on the results of the implementation of the project at FDUL, the role of the European Union in the environment in Portugal was debated.

Partnership with influencer, Ana Varela.

Due to her healthy lifestyle and the fact that she is a consumer of products linked to natural medicine, we entered into a partnership between Ana Varela and the brand, Arkopharma. It was defined that she would be a kind of "ambassador" for many of these products. So it was, and there have been posts on the actress' social networks demonstrating it.

Galbilec (A77)

After defining and improving the website of the "mother" brand, Galbilec, we began to support the creation and definition of the daughter brand, A77. A77 is characterised by bringing together in a single company all the architecture of most of Galbilec's projects. Added to this is the fact that there are still some new projects that are already exclusive to this recently created brand.